Brian Hall: In a Serbian factory according to an American recipe

The foreign company will reduce production expenses in this way, and the domestic factory has ensured a certain sale of goods in the next few years through this contract

American company “AmeriSource” has recently appeared on the Serbian market as well. When in the autumn the first cans with products for wood protection “get off” from the assembly line of the “Jugohem”’s factory, cooperation of these two companies will start being realized even officially. In the words of Brian Hall, one of owners of the “AmeriSource“ company, they have diligently been working on this project for two years already. The American company will reduce production expenses in this way, and Serbian “Jugohem” has ensured a certain sale of goods in the next few years through this contract. As much as 95 percent of products, which will be produced in Nova Pazova with the trademark of the English brand, will be exported to Great Britain but also into other European countries.

– We have found reliable partners for business in Serbia. For us this market is very attractive. “Ronsil” company, with whom “AmeriSource” cooperates, is the leading company which produces products for wood preservation in Great Britain. They are aiming at widening their market and in that sense Serbia is one of priority markets – Hall explained.

Stop the negative image

It is evident that economic power exists in this country, estimated Brian Hall, who in the last two years visits the Serbian capital every three months. Each time he is “met” by new buildings and hotels in Belgrade. The best witness of the drastic changes is Airport “Nikola Tesla” which now has many more departures, but also looks more up-to- date. Unfortunately, in foreign media he has neither heard nor read any of it about Serbia.
In the news only the political challenges relating to Kosovo are present. My advice is for you try to stop this negative image of yourselves. Emphasize your good points, such as your tradition, history, night life, restaurants, beautiful women and quality raspberries. If you do not see your good points, no one else will. I come from Cleveland, a city that, the same as Serbia, has a negative image about itself, but we earmark as much as six million dollars a year for marketing. It is very important to create a good image of your selves in the world – Mister Hall said. 

He sincerely admits that he did not know many details regarding the Serbian economic scene before he arrived in our country for the first time with the idea of starting a business in it. He received useful information from his friends in “Jugohem”, he explains in the interview for Magazin Biznis.

– As soon as I saw the factory and met the managerial team, it was clear to me that in Nova Pazova there was capacity for production. That is how we came to the idea of founding “AmeriSource” which will bring partners from abroad to produce here, but also enable them to sell their products on the Serbian market, Brian Hall points out.

He says that he will, for a start, use the existing capacities, but also that he expects that at the end of the year a new production line arrives from Italy to “Jugohem”. Production capacities of “Jugohem”’s factory amount to 6.5 million cans a year. “AmeriSource” will for the production of its brand use one third of the production capacities. Greenfield investments are at the moment still not part of their business plan, but that option is also possible is the market poses new demands.

In the short period of time they have been cooperating with this Serbian company, they have had no problems.

– So far we have encountered support. I have heard something about the highest risks involving the state-owned companies which can be bought cheaply, but on the other hand, imply great responsibility and carry great risk. Therefore success is also uncertain. But, we have come to work with “Jugohem” who this year celebrates its 75th anniversary, with a company which has both tradition and experience in these surroundings – Mister Hall said.

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