Alpha Bank – All the friends you’ll need

At Alpha Bank we are here for one purpose only. To help businesses like yours grow. That way we will keep growing too.

Founded in 1879, we are now one of the largest banking and financial services groups in South-East Europe.

With our headquarters in Athens, we also have operations in Cyprus, Romania, United Kingdom, Serbia, Albania, Jersey (Channel Islands), Bulgaria, FYROM.

Our values are defined as loyalty, commitment and vision.

Loyalty – because we believe it is essential to be partners with our corporate banking clients, sharing their ambitions as well as their strategies for prosperity.

Commitment – because in a world of change, you want a bank that will react quickly to shifting patterns in your particular markets. To that end, we assign an Account Team to every corporate client, with an Account Manager responsible for all the day-to-day business of the account.

Vision – because innovation is key to success. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our service to our clients, designing new products to provide solutions to their problems.

We work with companies both large and small, providing individually tailored services to suit their very specific needs.

Our primary aim is credibility, reliability and efficiency in banking services and modern and responsible treatment to all banking needs of our clients.

We can help you with original solutions for property, fleet vehicles, buy-outs and acquisitions. We can provide practical guidance on matters of real estate, leasing and insurance. We can advice on cash management and asset management, banking across borders and private banking – whatever your requirements, we can deliver.

We believe we can have a great future together.

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