Merkur (english)

Merkur International d.o.o. (limited liability company) began doing business in 1991., and after stopping temporarily during the break up of former Yugoslavia, in 2002. the company came to life again. By November 2005. Merkur had become known as a wholesale business in metallurgical products on the market.

The delivery of steel is conducted through the warehouse in Pančevo port, and the opening of a modern service centre for steel in Belgrade has been planned. Within the metallurgy of iron product range there are hot and cold rolled sheets and bands and galvanized iron, thick steel and steel for improving and cementing, EURO girders and profiles as well as wires and welding electrodes.

In the middle of 2006. Merkur opened a warehouse of technical and metallurgical goods in Dobanovci, nearby Belgrade. Set at an excellent location and the area of around 10.000 m2 it has largely facilitated the reception and/or issue of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy goods and technical goods.

The warehouse serves for reception and issue of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy goods and technical goods, which has significantly facilitated the work of a wholesale network and of Merkur`s retail centre. In this way Merkur has provided a simpler and faster accessibility to products for the buyers , as well as a wide product range, which helps us fulfill main business objective – creating satisfaction with buyers. It is situated on a wonderful location, 4 kilometres away from the turning from highway Belgrade- Zagreb towards Dobanovci, which additionally facilitates access for lorries.

By opening this warehouse Merkur will expand its selling channels and occupy a better position on the Serbian market. Otvaranjem ovog skladišta Merkur će proširiti svoje kanale prodaje i zauzeti bolji položaj na tržištu Srbije.

Merkur represented itself to ultimate buyers for the first time in Serbia in November 2005., when in Novi Beograd one of the biggest and most up to date trade centres was opened.

On the total of 10.000 square metres of selling space, with 1.000 square metres warehousing space and over 400 parking spaces, of which 100 garages, the buyers can find in one place all they need for their house, garden, leisure and workshop. In Serbia Merkur conveys the already tested concept of comfortable shopping characterized by a neat presentation of products included into offer MERKURDOM and MERKURPROFI. In one place more than 30.000 different products are on offer.  

By opening a new centre in Belgrade 70 people have been employed. They offer the buyers not only products but also many quality services, such as `Professional Counselling`, `Mixing Paint`, `Bathroom construction`, ` Delivery of goods to your home`, which will satisfy Belgrade buyers.

The main goal of Merkur in Serbia is to fully satisfy the demands of business partners and buyers by a wide range of quality products in one place, as well as by providing competent advice and services on the point of sale.

Merkur certainly plans to extend its retail network and by that provide every Serbian buyer with the opprtunity of a quick and simple purchase of quality products of well known world and domestic brands at favourable prices.

We want our buyers and partners to feel comfortable and satisfied.


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