Novi Sad Fair – Centre of Investment

Trends of the exhibition industry have recently pointed at several trends of development: specialisation of fair events, development of the fairs of ‘the fourth generation’, faster development of modern exhibition strategies and presentation styles – both through exhibition area design and specific aspects of presentation. Experience in organising fairs of the fourth generation, that is exhibition of services, has built up the Novi Sad Fair’s competence to organise the First Fair of Investment where cities and municipalities from Serbia will present themselves. This will be an opportunity to present the potential of cities and regions and provide finances for the development of their local infrastructure. From 7th to 10th November, the Novi Sad Fair will host the participants who are ready to present their projects of infrastructure development.

More than 50 municipalities from Serbia have announced their plan presentations at the Fair of Investments. Among them we have the municipalities from the Regions of South Bačka and South Banat, and especially municipalities of Čačak, Inđija, Smederevo, Obrenovac, and the cities of Niš and Novi Sad. Domestic and foreign investors and donors will also come to this fair. The Vojvodina Investment Promotion Found has announced its participations, then the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the European Agency for Reconstruction EAR with its CARDS programme, The Swedish Investment Fund SIDA, the Italian Agency for Infrastructure Development and the American Donation Agency USAID – with its MEGA programme for the enhancement of municipality economic development.

INVESTEXPO is organised under the auspices of the Serbian Government – the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, the Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA), The Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-government and the Agency for the Development of Local Self-government Infrastructure. Among the supporters of this event we have the Executive Council of Vojvodina and the Vojvodina Investment Promotion Fund and the Permanent Conference of Cities and Municipalities.

The simultaneous organisation of the Fairs of Finance, Information Technology, and Electronics, Logistics and Entrepreneurship at the Novi Sad fair will add special significance to this event. Congress activities will be especially important for the participants and they will be organised during the fair at the Master Congress Centre. This model of organising events where exhibition and congress activities are comprised has positioned the Novi Sad Fair as a professional organiser in the Region, that which ‘livens up’ the unified market of events and business gatherings, and through the construction of this unique Exhibition-congress and business-trading “Master Centre” where a special segment is covered by the Congress Centre, a venue of 1,200 seats for plenary sessions, along with the state-of-the-art equipment very much alike the ones in European congress centres, gives the Novi Sad Fair the competitive edge for those interested in presenting themselves at the Novi Sad Fair.

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