Banca Intesa ad Beograd (a member of Gruppo Banca Intesa)

Gruppo Banca Intesa, the largest banking group in Italy and one of the strongest ones in Europe, to which Banca Intesa Beograd belongs, reached the decision on the merger of the Banca Intesa group with the bank Sanpaolo IMI. With that merger, this new group will become the fifth bank in Europe according to the stock exchange value.

In August 2005 Banca Intesa acquired Delta Banka, (now Banca Intesa Beograd) the leading bank on Serbian market. For Banca Intesa Beograd, in spite of the many changes, 2005 saw an increase in all business segments; record results were achieved and the leading market position maintained. As part of the Gruppo Banca Intesa, the bank enjoys an exceptional reputation and the increasing trust in the Bank has enabled it to maintain the position of the second largest bank in Serbia by total assets. The Bank maintains its leading position thanks to its expanded business network consisting of 160 organisational units in more than 100 towns in Serbia, the most developed network of ATMs and POS terminals and a widespread network of 240 correspondent banks all over the world.

Our Bank is a reliable partner for more than 850,000 clients. Since its founding, the Bank has developed to become a leader in the corporate market, and data confirms its stable market share in this area. It is the partner to all types of companies, and plays an active role in the privatization processes in Serbia.

In retail operations, figures also show constant growth in the market share of retail operations. The Bank has long led the field in E-banking and card payment operations following its introduction of the MasterCard into the domestic market and issuance of the first Visa Chip card in the Balkans. The Bank also has an exclusive partnership with American Express, introducing their credit cards to the market earlier this year. During 2005, the Bank established a leasing company, Intesa Leasing Beograd, which enjoyed a dynamic entry into this increasingly competitive market with very positive results.

The Bank devotes equal attention to Social Responsibility Projects and takes active part in humanitarian activities and events, projects related to the development of culture, art, sports, ecology, and all activities related to the proper guidance and education of young people.

Banca Intesa Beograd was awarded 3 prestigious awards by Finance Central Europe in 2006: The Best Medium-Sized Bank in Southeast Europe; The Best Bank in Serbia; and Banker of The Year in Serbia for Mrs. Draginja Đurić, Director General, for the third time successively. In addition, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) rated the bank’s acquisition to be the largest investment in the banking sector from the financial point of view, as well as the largest foreign investment in Serbia in the previous year.

Banca Intesa Beograd’s objective is to maintain its crucial role in the economic development of the country by means of qualitative and quantitative improvement of new offers, services and activities. Future plans include an additional increase of the market share in order to become a leader in retail by 2008.  By providing long-term funding through the membership in the Banca Intesa group, the plan is also to intensify retail and corporate long-term loans and to support capital investments in the infrastructure, road and telecommunications network and housing constructions. The arrival of Banca Intesa on the domestic market means the arrival of its clients, potential investors and foreign partners for our companies. Banca Intesa will provide opportunities to improve business activities and increase export through cooperation with foreign companies, and in such a way contribute to the improvement of the overall economic situation in Serbia.

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